Lilian Akin Testimonials

2008©Rob Marmion


Susan and Michael Weaver, Keystone School District

I'd like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the integrity, attention, attitude and extra effort she has shown our family in our continuous endeavor of our dyslexic daughter's right to an appropriate education. Without her continuous professionalism, I am sure we would still be fighting for her rights. Because of her support, our daughter is now on the road to being educated individually, addressing her specific needs. I do not hesitate to recommend her professional service to other families in need, as I am sure we will continue to use her services in the future. Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts!

J. Busch, Blackhawk School District

Lilian Akin came highly recommended from my daughter's Educational Advocate. Lilian was able to accomplish a satisfactory resolution with our school district in a matter of months, while I had struggled unsuccessfully for years. I wish I knew of her five years ago!

Frank S., West Mifflin

With only one email exchange with Lilian, I was able to obtain a successful strategy to obtain a related service for my son that I had been trying to get for five years. Of course, I followed that up with a meeting to forge a strategy for the future. I think the best piece of advice I can give to parents is to acquaint yourself with the experts in the area, and to create a well documented paperwork trail with your school district.

Joy and Philip Salerno, Pittsburgh School District

As you all know, being a parent doesn't mean we know the law. Our heads were spinning until we met Lilian Akin. She was wonderful; she was able to put our problems to rest in a very short time.

Mark and Beth O., Beaver County

Ms. Lilian Akin, Esq. is no ordinary attorney. She knows the law around educational issues, she understands the rights, needs and circumstances of special children, and she fights for causes she believes in. We were very impressed with her calm methods of interviewing, her comprehensive search for documentation, and her diligence on our daughter's behalf. This is an expert at education-related law who searches for the truth, and then challenges the parents, the system, and sometimes the child to find appropriate answers to difficult questions. Where is my child best served? What can I expect my child to learn? Why can't my child do better emotionally and socially, and what are the options? She may not always have the answers, but she seems to know where to go, or whom to ask for the needed information. If you are getting the run around from your school district and worry that your child is failing or becoming an emotional basket-case, give Ms. Akin a call.

D.D., Punxatauny School District

We have advocated for our child since he was in third grade. He is now in 11th grade. He has ADHD. We have struggled with our district. Our Son's needs have not been met. Some people still do not think ADHD exists. Last year we were forced to contact and retain an Attorney. We were directed to Lilian. It was the best thing we have done. Lilian took over and things have happened and changed. We had lunch in November, 1999, with Lilian and a friend, Reed Martin. After lunch and our talk, Reed told us we have a good Attorney. We would recommend Lilian, as she knows the law, and cares.

Monday, November 10, 2008 12:07 PM